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Thanks to the exceptional health coaching services in Lafayette, LA, improving your overall health has never been easier. When you visit Optimal Health, LLC, Michelle, our local health coach, will speak with you about your lifestyle and provide a health assessment.

Once complete, this assessment will allow us to create a personalized plan designed to help you accelerate your weight loss and improve your overall health.

To learn more about the health coach services we offer in Lafayette, LA, contact/call Optimal Health today at 337-278-0309.

Our 4-Part Health Coaching Program

If you're ready to make a healthy lifestyle change, wouldn't it be nice to have a team that supported you? If you answered yes, contact Optimal Health today to learn about our four-part health coaching program, which includes:

  1. Michelle, your coach, is here to guide and assist you on your journey
  2. A healthy habit system to help you recognize behaviors while teaching you new behaviors
  3. Access to a private Facebook support group which is important for short and long-term support
  4. Developing a healthy eating schedule to support healthy living while teaching you nutrition made simple/quick/efficient that is scientifically proven to help you on your health and weight loss journey

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